SMSAlert – a command line text message tool

I’ve created this small command line tool that will enable you to send SMS messages by running an executable file. This could be useful when monitoring IT systems and you want an alert. Some tools doesn’t provide an interface for this but will allow you to run an executable.

This tool uses an online SMS provider like Clickatell or PSWin, you need an account to use it. The tool has a GUI where you may save account info encrypted into registry so all you have to do on command line is to specify recipient number and message. Sample:

Smselert.exe 1234567890:This is a test message

You may use this to alert if a Windows service is stopped.

Now, you will get an alert when the service has failed.

You can download it here: DOWNLOAD

Please note that this free tool is not supported in any way, no warranties, use at your own risk.


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